Featured Frame

The inspiration for Tramonto comes from our favorite part of the day - watching the sunset. No matter where you are, sunsets never fail to take your breath away. These stunning rectangular frames are not only beautifully designed but also durable & comfortable. The colors for this frame were carefully chosen to give a classy, chic look.


About Roz

Hi, my name is Roz Kaur (pronounced as core.)

I am a stylist, diversity and pro-age activist who has been working in the fashion industry for over 30 years, teaching women how to develop and maintain their authentic personal style.

My Instagram @roz_creativestylist is a place for inspiration and creativity with a focus on positive aging.

I believe accessories make the woman. It’s actually surreal how glasses, hats, jewelry and scarves can make an outfit say something completely different than what it said a minute before!

So go on, amp up your outfit with these impression-making extras!

  • Enchanting. Elegant. Exquisite.


    The unique rectangular shape of Bluegrass is what makes this frame truly special. These are oversized and fun, while also being gentle and sophisticated.
    A square frame reimagined - this the perfect everyday paid. These frames is supremely comfortable and flattering for all face shapes.

  • Scintillating. Sexy. Sophisticated.


    Bel Air - undeniably glamorous. These stunning cat eye frames are an ode to the 50s. The sharp angles and curvy silhouette was designed to highlight symmetry. This bold and daring look is complimented by the trendy color combinations. The ultimate blend of style and comfort, the lightweight material makes these a long lasting pair. These frames work well for round, oval and oblong faces.

  • Romantic. Radiant. Ravishing.


    Inspired by the golden age of Broadway, this chic retro pair will transport you to the 50s. These bold, butterfly cat-eye frames are made from premium Italian Acetate. Designed for maximum comfort and durability, these frames are flattering for those with round, oval and oblong face shapes.