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Finding the Right Glasses for Your Wide Face: Eyewear Shapes & Styles You Should Look For

Round faces, square faces, oval, diamond and heart-shaped, you know them all and you know which one applies to you. But it’s difficult when you add other criteria to the mix, right? Big, wide face . It can be a pain to shop for glasses for this particular face shape, however, not impossible .

There’s a bit of math behind picking the best eyewear for big, wide faces, which you can easily get the gist of by reading this guide.

glasses fit for wide faces
Flight of Fancy round eyeglasses – Check them out !

Glasses That Are a Perfect Fit for Big Faces

Men and women with long, big, wide faces should go for glasses that are thick and equally sized for their face.

You should choose frames that are wide and are able to cover your face from one side to another. If you want to wear oversized reading glasses for big faces that’s perfectly fine too.

Remember to match the glasses shape with your face shape before deciding on size.

The oversized square Ritzy glasses are perfect for those with a wide or big round face .

Oversized square eyeglasses for big faces
Ritzy Oversized Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

On the other hand, the Moll round sunglasses flatter women with big square faces . The thick circular frame will match your face size and create an esthetical consistency which won’t go unnoticed.

round oversized Sunglasses
Moll sunglasses

Also, cat eye glasses will turn out be a very good choice for people with wide faces because they compliment the cheeks . People with wide faces most likely have full, round cheeks and this type of glasses will fit them perfectly because they make the face appear longer and angular .

Frames like Zelda are iconic and an instant hit. The highbrow details will add more personality to your eyewear and will soften your features in a delicate and stylish way.

Geometric glasses , or rectangular glasses with sharp angles or details, have a good effect on people with wide faces, making their faces appear longer and thinner .

If you’re having problems trying to find the best glasses for wide faces, don’t waste another minute. Choose square frames , like our very popular Keen, which will also soften your features and will make your face appear longer.

And if you still have problems deciding what shape of frames our Draper frames fit basically anyone and they’re so stylish that they’ll instantly become the centerpiece of your outfit!

Tip: The geometrical shape of the frame counts only after you have measured your face. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to choose the best glasses for your face shape .

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