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tips to pick glasses for oval faces

The Best Glasses for Oblong & Oval Faces

Why the oblong face? Get excited because Vint & York specializes in offering stylish, affordable glasses frames for all face shapes, including the oblong face. With a fantastic array of high-quality, boutique-style frames and sunglasses that perfectly suit your unique features and sense of style, you’ll be happy you chose from our selection of attractive eyewear.

If you’ve got an oblong face, you hit the eyewear jackpot because it’s probably the easiest face shape to match with glasses. Basically, almost everything works , it’s just up to you on what style you prefer the most. Just don’t exaggerate with oversized frames because you don’t want them to swallow you hole and outshine your natural beauty!

Read on to find out which glasses style best suits oval and oblong face shapes !

top eyewear for oval oblong faces

The best glasses for oblong face shape

Oblong face shapes are characterized by balanced facial features . The face’s length is roughly twice as long as it is wide, only slightly narrower at the jaw than at the temples . People with oblong faces have a chin that is narrower than forehead and high cheekbones . You may have a slightly rectangular face with a more defined jawline and angular features. Unlike oval faces, oblong faces are a bit longer and less wide.

Vichy Frame in Blue

Choosing glasses for oblong-shaped faces seems to be the easiest because you can wear any style of frames if they’re properly sized . Basically, any type of eyeglass frame will compliment your face shape because of its natural balance between forehead, cheeks, and chin. Cat eye, rectangular, browline glasses—oblong face shapes take well to so many unique styles of eyeglasses that you’ll discover below.

women eyeglasses for oval oblong faces
Darby cat-eye glasses in beige – See more colors here !


  • <::marker> The best eyewear for men and women with oblog-shaped faces should be geometrically square or rectangular.
  • <::marker> Pick bold shapes that maintain the balance of your face.
  • <::marker> Upswept corners work well with your face type because they emphasize cheekbones and make them look more contoured.


  • <::marker> Avoid oversized glasses or very circular rounded ones, as this will take away from the face’s natural symmetry.

Best style fit: Cat Eye & Oversized

Cats Meow Sunglasses – Make them yours !

Cat eye

It would be quite a sad thing if you couldn’t rock the immortal cat eye silhouette . Fortunately, the Coquette frame is wide and rectangular enough to suit oblong faces. There are plenty of cat-eye styles that you can choose from – from round, to oblong, to slightly squared, in various colors and textures.

Remember, with an oblong face, glasses should have a defined or upswept browline, and we all know that cat eye glasses are amazing at that! The beautiful curvy lines, ending in prolonged temples that switch to the sides in an angular design will enhance your profile.

Cat eye sunglasses are also a must-have for any respectable fashionista, so again our Copa frame is here to save the day. Rock these cat eye sunglasses on your oblong face and have no fear of doing wrong.

Best shape fit: Rectangular & Square

Another great style to rock with oblong faces is oversized glasses . Take into consideration that for this type of face shape you must draw attention away from the chin. That’s why oversized glasses flatter oval faces.

glasses for oval faces
The Bowery Sunglasses – Get yours here!
rectangular eyeglasses for oval faces
Sky eyeglasses – See more here !

A similar oversized style fit for oblong faces is the Keen oversized square eyeglasses .

Thinner than your average, these beauties will complement the best of your features.

glasses for oval face
Get the Keen Eyeglasses here!

The oblong profile usually requires a wide rectangular frame such as Preppy . This simple yet attractive frame ticks all the categories that make it suit an oblong-shaped face .

It features corners that contrast with the roundness of your face and also has prolonged temples. To emphasize the temples, the frame is wider than a square model drawing attention straight to your eyes.

If you have an oblong face you can also try a pair of clear rectangular frames .

The problem with oblong faces is that attention is usually drawn to the lower part of your face, especially the chin. Trendy clear glasses are great for this face shape because their interesting design sets the focus on your eyes and not on your chin.

mens glasses for oval face
Hester Clear Eyeglasses (Him) and Cat’s Meow (Her)

A thick square frame such as the Coffee House will suit oblong faces because its angular shape will balance the round features.

See the best square styles for you
rectangular eyeglasses for oval faces
Coffee House (her) and Way Out eyeglasses (him)

The same rules apply regardless if you are looking for prescription glasses for oblong faces or just simply sunglasses. The best sunglasses for oblong faces are rectangularly shaped and have an almost straight browline.

sunglasses frames for oval face shape
Bowery sunglasses

The Bowery is a vintage-inspired wide frame that is perfect for oblong faces . Its thick browline is made from acetate while the lower part is made from thin metal wire.

It flatters both thin and full oblong faces so you can regard it as a universal frame for your visage.

As you can see, no matter your personal style or specific face shape, there’s a pair of shades or specs in our selection to help you bring it to life.

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