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Got a Round Face? These Are the Best Matching Glasses & Sunglasses for You

Do you know what glasses are best for your round face ? Besides subjective opinion, there is a bit of science behind choosing glasses that fit a round face the best. With the right glasses, you can bring out the natural beauty of your visage, as well as make it look thinner, longer, and more defined.

Stay tuned and discover how to match your favorite frame styles to your face shape!


First, Make Sure You Do Have a Round Face Shape

First of all, make sure your face really is round. Weight doesn’t have to do with how your face looks. Simply being on the chubby side doesn’t mean your face is round.

Besides, most people find that their face is never just one type. Your face can be in between round and diamond-shaped, oval and oblong, and so on. The trick is to identify your most dominant features and from there, determine what eyewear category is most suitable for your face type.

glasses for round faces

If your face’s height and width are nearly equal, if your cheekbones are not very visible and there aren’t any distinctively angular features, then you likely have a round face!

Unlike a square shape, a rounded face won’t have a pronounced jawline or cheekbones, so choose a pair of sunglasses that are slightly wider than your face to give it some definition.

Our Top Tips on How to Choose Glasses that Suit a Round Face

When shopping for new frames, the rule of thumb is to go for eyeglasses or sunglasses shapes that contrast your facial features.

Whether you’re picking reading glasses or looking for the best sunglasses shape for a round face , the same principles apply.

1. Pick an angular frame shape

In other words, for a round face choose square or rectangular frames , which balance the features and bring structure to your soft-featured visage.

best glasses for round face

2. Choose a frame that has nose pads

Nosepads are great to choose if you have big cheeks or a flat nose. Also, they are among the best fitting styles for Asian face types, who typically have a flatter nose bridge.

3. Pick bold colors and patterns

Highlight your skin tone and eye color by choosing the right hues for your frame. You can even create an optical illusion and make your eyes seem bigger.

4. Avoid round or small sunglasses

Circular lenses will direct the attention towards the roundness of your face, exaggerating your features. Instead of making your face look even rounder, you want to bring structure and definition by adding some hard angles.

Let’s go into more detail and show you exactly what glasses that suit a round face look like:

The Best Eyeglasses Style & Shapes for Round Faces:

In this section, we’ll navigate the most flattering sunglasses and eyeglasses for round faces through a selection of pictures. These are the best suiting eyeglasses frames for round faces.

glasses for round face

1. Square Eyeglasses – the Ideal Frame for Round Faces

  • Rectangular & square shaped glasses are your best match. Styles like the Wayfarer are flattering.
  • Frames that are wider than the face add more of a balance to your soft features, enhance your face and even make it appear longer and slimmer.

A squared eyeglasses silhouette is quirky, fashionable and very in . If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, just check our blog post about the best eyewear trends and you’ll see why we’re so crazy about them.

best glasses for round faces

These frames will benefit even the roundest , completely circular of faces.

Because wide frames help section the face , rectangle shaped glasses are the perfect glasses for a round face that needs extra contouring and probably your safest bet.

Clean, straight contours and sharp edges frame the face and give you an extra layer of structure to help define your features.

glasses for round face male
Want to find the perfect square glasses?

2. Browline Eyeglasses – Perfect Semi-Rimless Frame to Balance Out Features

A semi-rimless silhouette that’s lighter on the bottom is the best way to go for male and female round faces.

This type of frame doesn’t add a lot of angles, but its silhouette is particularly useful, as it adds balance and creates the illusion of length, effectively slimming down the appearance of the face.

glasses for round face
Zelda 2 Eyeglasses – get them here

One of the most popular angular sunglasses shapes for round faces is the Clubmaster , also known as browline or half-frame glasses.

Half-frame reading glasses are also flattering for a round face, in both square and rectangular shapes.

3. Hipster Glasses – The Right Choice to Take Focus Away from a Round Face

Although not technically an eyeglasses shape, hipster glasses are worth mentioning for a couple of reasons.

First, because the thick variety of square nerdy glasses is ideal for a round face – again, it’s all about the structure that a well-defined silhouette can bring.

glasses for round face

Second, because hipster glasses are among our favorites. We have dozens of options for this style and you can get any frame in a sunglasses version, too.

Find your favorite hipster glasses

4. Cat eye glasses – Elongate the Face & Add an Upswept Focus Point

  • Upswept frames are flattering, by giving your face a lifting effect & making it more contoured.
  • One of the most popular glasses styles, the cat eye is much beloved by women because of the upswept shape that lifts the face and slims it down. This style can be good for round faces as long as you choose frames with angular lines , and stay away from rounder shapes.

Besides square and rectangular frames, cat-eyes are also some of the best glasses for round female faces.

glasses for round face shape
type of glasses for round face

Squared cat-eye frames that have been shaped into the classic cat eye silhouette will compliment your round features. You can opt for models such as the Zelda which rocks a thick browline and a slim metal lower part .

glasses for round face female

See all our cat-eye frames

5. Navigators/ Aviators – Masculine Designs That Add Definition

Can round face wear aviator sunglasses? Yes! But not just any style – the Navigator is the best choice, as it’s going to bring a squarer silhouette.

Typically a masculine silhouette, the navigators make an excellent choice for round face types. Some aviator models can also work – more about this in the next section.

what shape glasses for round face
Want some vintage-inspired aviators?
best glasses for round faces

6. Colorful Eyeglasses – Bold Frames Won’t Look Lost on the Face

These glasses don’t get lost on the face – this is why they’re a much better option to frame the face better versus clear or even nude frames.

If you’re looking for colorful ladies’ eyeglasses frames , it’s recommended that you stick with strong or deep colors and avoid those that are very close to your skin tone.

glasses for round face

A frame color that’s too light for your skin tone may not have the desired effect when it comes to framing your face. Even if the shape is right, the lack of contrast between your face and the chosen style will make the frame’s positive optical effect less noticeable.

Light-colored frames generally tend to look best on darker skin tones.

best glasses for round face

For instance, if you have a light complexion, then a thick, purple, rectangular frame can help you create length and slim down the appearance of a circular face.

7. Oversized Frames – Supersize Your Style Statements

  • Larger, thick frames that don’t get lost on your face bring structure to a soft-featured round face.
  • No matter what the shape is, bigger frames work better for round faces. To make your glasses stand out, even more, choose a pair of plain colored thick-rimmed glasses that make a statement.
chubby face glasses for round face female

The Dapper square frame has thick angular lines, best eyeglass frame for round faces.

    8. Rectangular Frames – The Safest Option Out There

    The first and foremost is the classic rectangular frame . This goes wonderfully with your curvy features and flatters your profile.

    The Jordan retro-vintage glasses are a great fit for round faces. Both men and women with round faces can get behind this rectangular frame without any worries.

    tortoise shell glasses men

    Rectangular glasses such as Jordan, work well with small round faces . They have a more serious look about them so go for it if you want a more smart business look.

    Want more rectangular glasses?

    The Best Sunglasses Styles & Shapes for Round Faces

    Sunglasses can usually be bigger and bolder, so don’t worry about choosing a frame that is too big. The whole point of sunglasses is to protect you from harmful UV rays so bigger, squared frames will always work.

    1. Browline or Clubmaster-inspired sunglasses

    glasses for round face shape

    glasses for round face male

    2. Cool D-Frame Sunglasses

    • Wide frames with a flat top like these cool tortoiseshell D-shaped glasses are ideal for round faces. They add width to the face and complete your look without drawing attention to the roundness of the face.

    3. Wayfarer inspired Sunglasses

    • Choose thick rectangular or square sunglasses that elegantly balance your angles with its curves. An essential frame, Wayfarer sunglasses, and round faces go hand in hand. For both sunglasses and eyeglasses, we recommend you choose frames with prolonged temples and slightly sloping or straight browlines.

    Sharp edges and upward sloping lines are key to accentuating a round face’s natural features. Square, wayfarer-inspired frames are probably the best male glasses for round face shapes , but they are not the only ones.

    male glasses round face
    Peace Out squared sunglasses – Get them here

    4. Big cat eye sunglasses

    If sunglasses for round faces are what you are looking for, the Copa cat eye is here for you. This rectangular hybrid frame has been shaped into a cat eye model that will flatter women with small round faces.

    Copa cat-eye sunglasses with clear frames – See more here !

    cat eye sunglasses for round faces

    black cat eye sunglasses for round face

    cat eye sunglasses round face
    Copa beige cat-eyes – Find them here !

    5. Squared Aviators or “Navigators”

    Another famous silhouette, the Aviator, is very popular, but their usual rounder/teardrop shape isn’t flattering on fuller faces . That doesn’t mean you can’t still go for the style. Just pick frames that are built to work with rounder faces: squarer in shape, or with angular lines, like the ones below:

    aviator sunglasses for round face
    The Firm clip-on sunglasses

    As far as sunglasses go, the Aviator can be suitable for round faces if the frame is thicker than the standard Aviator and has visible angles that seem to absorb attention from your round features. Go for a frame similar to Swag ‘s:

    • Can Round Faced People Wear Aviator Sunglasses?

    Aviators never seem to go out of style and have gone through many creative updates over the years. Therefore, we expect to find them in any fashionable wardrobe, for men and women alike.
    • clip on glasses round face
      The Firm clip-on glasses

      However, the teardrop shape is not suitable for everyone . If you have a fuller face, it’s likely that classic aviators won’t sit that well on your cheeks. But y ou can still wear this style in its square-shaped or angular variants.

    • The Firm, Bryant, and Attaboy (above) are the models that we recommend.
    • Can Round Faced People Wear Round Glasses?

    While angular frames highlight the subtle contouring of your face and make it look more defined, round glasses have the opposite effect, drawing out the roundness of your face.


    Unless this is the specific effect you’re going for, you should avoid wearing round glasses on a round face. If you have a taller, oval-round face, you may try on hybrid models with circular lenses, such as the ones below.

      In any case, we do recommend that you leave Lennon glasses to square-faced people , on which they look best.

      What Kind of Frames Suit Round Faces With…

      A Flat Nose

      If you’re having trouble finding a good pair of sunglasses for round face and flat nose, you should keep in mind that your glasses should either feature adjustable nose pads or have a thicker nose piece in order to give you a good fit.

      The best sunglasses for round Asian face types have a rectangular shape that’s wider than it is tall and feature high lenses that don’t touch your cheeks when you smile.

      Chubby Cheeks

      Fuller faces look best with chunky, rectangular frames that really pop out.

      Alternatively, you can pick some trendy cat-eyes in a variety of sizes, but make sure they are not too small, so that they can bring out your face’s distinctive features.

      eyeglasses big eyes round face
      Left: Ritzy eyeglasses for round face – get them here !

      Short Hair

      If you wear your hair short, these are the glasses for you.

      Depending on your style, you can pick an upswept frame that accentuates your femininity or a straight, flat-brow silhouette that enhances your gamine look.

      glasses round face short hair
      Zelda sunglasses frame – see it here !

      Or, why not go for a neutral frame that has minimal impact on your face’s overall appearance but still makes you stand out from the rest?

      glasses for short hair female
      Keen glasses in clear acetate – Get them here !

      Bald or Shaved Heads

      The trick to choosing a good pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses for bald or shaved heads is to look for a distinctive detail or color that matches your style.

      We’ve already discussed what makes a frame fitting from a ‘technical’ point of view, but it’s up to you to bring it to life and match it to your personality.

      bald round face sunglasses
      Swag sunglasses – See more options here !

      Big or Small Eyes

      To accentuate the size of your peepers and really make them shine, first you need to acquire your prescription and then decide on the type of frame.

      Short-sighted people will normally have lenses that make the eyes look even smaller, so if you also have small eyes, it can be a bit tricky. In this case, the best glasses for a round face with small eyes are rectangular models in a color that’s complementary to your eye color.

      For example, orange, yellow and earth-colored frames bring out blue eyes, and conversely, brown eyes will look best with a blue or teal frame. For green eyes, red, crimson and even pink tones are suitable.

      If you have really big eyes, don’t try to ‘make them smaller’ by squeezing them into a frame that’s not fitting. This is both unhealthy for your vision and can have the opposite effect, as your eyes will still look relatively big compared to the frame.

      Coquette squared cat-eyes – more color palettes here

      The best glasses for round faces with big eyes come in square or cat-eye frame shapes .

      Choose a square frame in a suitable color, if you want to enhance your peepers’ apparent size, or go for a sleek cat-eye style if you want a more subtle, elongated look.

      Closing Thoughts

      It’s important to consider your dominant facial features when choosing the best eyeglasses for yourself and not rely on face shape only. You will look & feel best in glasses that don’t just match your face, but also your skin tone and, of course, your personality.

      What’s your perfect fit? Check out our rectangular glasses collection for men or for women and find your favorite style!

      square glasses round face
      Hazel eyeglasses frame
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