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How to Choose the Perfect Low Bridge Glasses That Won't Slip Off Your Nose

How to Choose the Perfect Low Bridge Glasses That Won't Slip Off Your Nose

Low bridge glasses are specifically designed for people with low nose bridges as well as round facial features with higher cheekbones. This combination makes it challenging to find the perfect fit of glasses. So, if your eyeglasses slide down your nose, hitting your eyelashes or resting too heavily on your cheeks, you may have a low nose bridge.

Since you should never have to choose between fit and style, we’re going to present you a full guide on how to choose your low bridge glasses and eliminate the worry of slippage and other discomfort issues.


How Do You Know If You Need Low Bridge Glasses?

Whether you’re an Asian or not, if you wear eyeglasses and your pair just don’t fit right, then Asian glasses frames could be what you really need.

Face feature to look for to see if you need low bridge glasses:

  • Lower nose bridge – Your nose bridge refers to the hard part of your nose where it begins near your forehead, between your eyes. If the bridge of your nose aligns with or just below your pupils, you have a low nose bridge.
  • Higher Cheekbones – Usually, people with low nose bridges may also have higher cheekbones.
  • Wider face – If you have a wider face, that often means you have lower nose bridges. Wider faces make traditional frames feel too narrow and generally uncomfortable. The reason the glasses don’t fit right, however, is that they sit too high on their face.

Also, “low bridge fit” or “Asian fit” glasses may not fit every single person of Asian descent as facial features can vary widely. But if you fit the face features from above these glasses are a total game-changer.

low bridge glasses

What Are Low Bridge Glasses?

Low bridge glasses or the so-called asian glasses typically have wider frames, a higher and more prominent nose bridge as well as larger nose pads. Owing to the angle at which low bridge glasses sit on the face, they don’t tilt forward at the top, hence giving ample coverage and sitting higher and more comfortably on each side of the nose instead of directly on the slope.

Here are the features that are typically found on low nose bridge glasses and why they are important:

1. Larger Nose Pads

Nose pads should rest on the sides of the nose and not directly on the slope of the nose in between the eyes. We use larger nose pads to ensure the frame lies further away from the cheeks for zero tension and zero slipping down the nose. This feature goes particularly well for rectangular or round plastic frames where the nose pads can’t be adjusted.

Some of our best frames with nose pads that are right for a low bridge nose are:

low nose bridge

asian glasses

low nose bridge glasses

2. Slightly Curved temples

The slightly curved temples, also typically for asian glasses, provide the extra room necessary to reduce tension on the nose and cheeks and ensure proper adjustment behind the ears, keeping your frames nice and secure.

low bridge glasses

glasses for flat nose

3. Adjusted lens tilt

Frames are most comfortable when they don’t rest right on the cheeks or move when you smile. So, for low bridge glasses frames, it’s important that the lenses tilt upward and away from the cheekbones to give plenty of space between the cheekbones and frames.

4. Adjustable Nose Pads

The little eyeglass nose pads on frame play a crucial role in how comfortable they are. Adjustable nose pads ensure the glasses stay in place so they don’t become crooked and balance the weight of glasses squarely on the nose. Are ideal for those with low nose bridges.

Metal eyeglass frames usually have adjustable and separated nose pads. Have a look at our top picks metal frames that give you a custom fit for your nose shape:

low bridge glasses

glasses for low nose bridge

do i have a low nose bridge

5. Lighter, More Wearable Acetate Material

Even if you go for round frames or rectangular frames avoid chunky, heavier material that weighs down the frame. Asian glasses typically will have thicker and lighter material that feels more comfortable on the face and is also very durable.

low bridge glasses frames

low nose bridge

6. Wider Keyhole Bridge

Looking for accurately sized frames for low nose, don’t forget to pay attention to the nose-bridge design. Let us introduce you to the “keyhole bridge” which has become one of the most prominent features in acetate frames.

A keyhole bridge has the shape of a keyhole because it is narrow with high sides. This design carries short pads on the side of the nose for an enhanced area of comfort and does not sit directly against the nose and cheeks.

Have a look on some of our amazing low bridge frames:

eyeglasses for low nose bridge

low nose bridge glasses

Low Bridge Glasses Fit vs the Standard Fit

Standard or regular fit means super straight temple arms and fixed nose pieces and is better suited for people with higher or more prominent nose bridges.

Low bridge design includes a couple of changes compared to regular fit, changes like: flattening of the frame, narrowing of the nose bridge, enlarging nose pads, and changing the temple curvature. While flattening of the frame can help decrease the weight of the glasses, the other structures work to make sure the glasses can stay straight.

The nosepiece on glasses considered “Asian fit” will extend slightly lower than standard fit glasses.

asian low nose bridge

Since we’re not talking only about prescription glasses or blue light lenses we want to give you the perfect solution if you’re looking for sunglasses that aren’t going to slide down your face.

Have a look on our top choices sunglasses for low nose bridge:

sunglasses for low nose bridge

what is a low bridge glasses

low bridge glasses

While you’re searching for the perfect pair of glasses, make sure you also select the right size according to your pupillary distance and temple width. In case you don’t know your PD, we will use an average PD, or you can head on to our guide on how to measure your PD online which describes how to measure your PD using a simple credit card. We can also measure your PD at the end of the checkout with a special app.

Our Best Low Bridge Glasses for Flat Noses

Vint & York offers a wide range of glasses frames that fit a low nose bridge: from round or rectangular plastic frames with wider nose pads to metal frames with adjustable nose pads that will keep your shades in place. And they do come with any type of lens such as single vision, readers, as well as progressive and bi-focal lenses.

The best part? You can try every pair online, with our Virtual Glasses Try-on !

You can start with pairs like The Fairbanks , Thelma , Quinn , or Moxie and explore our eyewear collections of glasses and sunglasses even more!

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