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Movie stars and sunglasses go together like — well, movie stars and sunglasses! Some of the most iconic women of the silver screen created their signature look with sunglasses that shielded them from the paparazzi while helping them look oh-so cool and glamorous.

If you wish you were born in a different era, the charm of vintage-inspired glasses and sunglasses from Vint & York can help you recreate their signature looks and share in a little bit of their glamor.

Our iconic vintage glasses guide takes you through the lives and styles of 10 of the most stylish and famous ladies from Hollywood and beyond. We’ve matched the eyewear choices of your favorite iconic celebs in glasses with our own vintage-inspired frames that are updated for today’s trends — so you can totally steal the look!

Read on to learn which celebrity glasses match up with your personal style and what kinds of movie-inspired eyeglasses or sunglasses will help you look like a Hollywood actress!


1. Brigitte Bardot – the Daring Trendsetter, wearing Cat Eye Glasses

Brigitte Bardot is still the quintessential French style icon and one of the hottest glasses-wearing celebrities, even at age 84. Who could forget her sizzling onscreen look of messy up-dos and pouty lips? She became famous when she was only 19 and has remained an inspiration for classy sex appeal ever since.

Bardot’s style is at once glamorous and innocent, a combination of her Catholic upbringing and her bohemian lifestyle. Natural materials and simple patterns create her student girl look, while unique accessories give her an edge.

MATCH: Zelda Celebrity Cat-Eye Glasses

Bardot’s oval metallic prescription glasses are unquestionably chic in their simplicity and detailing, and they perfectly complement her oblong, slightly squared face shape.

Zelda eyeglasses

We’ve matched them with the Zelda eyeglasses frame, our updated oversized version of the classic cat-eye shape that features an upswept browline with a modern, colorful twist. Zelda is most flattering for medium-wide faces with a round, oblong, square or diamond shape. Start here to create your own celebrity glasses look.

TIP: If you want to know more about matching eyewear and face shapes, read our blog about the best glasses for your face shape !

2. Ingrid Bergman – the Natural Beauty, wearing Clear Frames

A multi-award-winning actress from Sweden, Ingrid Bergman is best known for starring in the classic love story “Casablanca.” She was admired for her talent and dedication, and she worked with great European directors like Rossellini, as well as starring on the Broadway stage and in some of Hitchcock’s films.

ingrid-bergman-celebrity clear eyeglasses

She refused to pluck her eyebrows to fit the Hollywood beauty standard of the time and kept her fresh, sweet style throughout her career. She was labeled “a new brand of charm” by Life magazine and maintained a discreet lifestyle that went against the glamorous tabloid antics endorsed by Hollywood elites. You know you’re like Bergman when your outfits shine in classic style without bells and whistles.

MATCH: Hester Celebrity Clear Glasses

Hester eyeglasses

These clear frames are the perfect accessory for a subtle, unassuming look. The see-through frame highlights the natural features of the face without drawing attention to itself.

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The classic square shape features a keyhole bridge and is so lightweight that it’s ideal for everyday use. You will look amazing with them if you have a narrow to medium face with an oval, round, oblong or heart shape.


Okay, so Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, wife of JFK, is not a movie star. But she’s one of those people who are famous for being famous — and we’re perfectly happy with that.

She is probably the most enviably fashionable First Ladies that the U.S. ever had. She is remembered for her classic style, elegance and grace — as well as also her oversized 1960s sunglasses.

Jackie Onassis sunglasses

Jackie O greatly influenced women’s midcentury fashion, popularizing pillbox hats — the kind Kate Middleton still wears today — and Chanel suits in pastel colors. You know you’re like Jackie when you’re always the best dressed woman in the room, regardless of the occasion.

MATCH: Moll Celebrity Round Sunglasses

The truth is that Jackie O’s style never really goes out of fashion. Hers is the ultimate celebrity glasses style. Jackie looks glamorous and distant in these glasses, but she also comes off as quite casual and contemporary. Our matching version has metallic arms for a modern feel. You can get them in three color schemes to match your skin tone, and they work best on medium-wide square, rectangular and diamond-shaped faces.

4. Anna Karina – the Quirky Muse wearing Round Frames

A star of 1960s French avant-garde films from director Jean-Luc Godard and the face of the New Wave, Anna Karina was admired for her radiant presence and playful, confident spirit. In 1958, she hitchhiked from Denmark to Paris to realize her acting dream. There, she met celebrated fashion designer Coco Chanel, who famously came up with her screen name.


Karina’s style has a youthful freshness that was widespread in the 1960s and remains popular today. You know you’re like Anna Karina when your jeans are cooler than everyone else’s and you can never say no to a quirky frame that none of your friends would dare to wear.

MATCH: Owl or Billy Burg Round Reading Glasses

Owl glasses

Celebs in glasses and everyone smoking cigarettes are two of the tricks that French filmmakers used to make their characters seem fashionable and mysterious. These round Harry Potter style glasses have avant-garde written all over them, and they really add to the pensive look of Karina’s character.


Billy Burg , our rejuvenated version of these thick-rimmed celebrity glasses has a subtle wood-like texture and comes in five color schemes. The added keyhole nose bridge creates a geeky look that is uber-fashionable in these iconic glasses. They are a perfect fit for petite, narrow faces that are square, rectangular or diamond-shaped.

5. Diana Ross – the Snazzy Diva, wearing Gold Sunglasses

Before Mariah Carey and Beyonce, there was Diana Ross, lead singer of the most successful female vocal group ever, The Supremes. She’s known for her mercurial character and show-stopping appearances, donning opulent looks like no other. The Supremes topped the pop charts 12 times between 1960 and 1970, and Ross went on to become a Hollywood actress as well.

diana ross - celebrity vintage sunglasses

Her style is all about glitz and glam — sequins, fedoras and furs are just some of her fashion essentials. You know you’re like Diana Ross when your party outfits are so complicated that they need an entire team of stylists to put it together. Though you might look like a movie star, your entire team is usually just your BFF.

MATCH: Juice Joint Celebrity Gold Sunglasses

Juice Joint sunglasses

These movie star sunglasses are an excellent match for Diana’s larger-than-life presence.

Whether you want to channel your inner ‘20s diva or revive Roos’s ‘80s boho chic look, you can rest assured that these round metallic sunglasses are going to get you noticed. They come in three shades and are a great fit for medium-wide square, rectangular and diamond shaped faces.


As a timeless style idol and America’s sweetheart, Audrey Hepburn brought forward the boyish look with her petite silhouette, timeless beauty and pixie haircuts. On the other hand, she’s also the celebrity who popularized the little black dress, a staple of elegance and femininity.


You know you’re a lot like Hepburn when you love donning minimalistic outfits and pairing them with an extra dose of charisma and good manners.

IT glasses

MATCH: IT glasses or Doll Too Oversized Celebrity Sunglasses

Doll too sunglasses

Hepburn’s bold, thick-rimmed sunglasses stand out with their clean lines and futuristic style. This iconic look is so influential that even Kurt Cobain famously adopted it.

We’ve matched them with a versatile version of the Doll Too sunglasses in black, of course. This movie star sunglasses frame is bold and classy at the same time and draws all eyes without even trying. It’s best fitted for wide square, round, oval or heart shaped faces.

7. Charlotte Rampling – the Mysterious Brainiac, wearing Oversized Eyeglasses

Charlotte Rampling became famous in the swinging ‘60s as a model, actress and singer, and she played in European arthouse films in English, French and Italian. Her subtle media presence and her penchant for dark, often tragic sexualized heroines have made her recognized as a cult film femme fatale.


Her style is often casual and aloof, but she is known for her preference for androgynous tyles. If you have a no-frills approach to fashion and you’re the kind that puts essence over appearance, you know you’re a Rampling style match.

MATCH: Keen or Coffee House Square Oversized Eyeglasses

Coffee House Eyeglasses

These unisex glasses are our masculine update to Rampling’s geeky look. The thick-rimmed frame is full of character and is bound to make you stand out, while the flat browline will bring out the seriously mysterious side of you.

Keen Eyeglasses

They’re best for wide round, oval and heart shaped faces, and they are available in two color schemes.

8. Bette Davis – the Witty Straight-Shooter, wearing Keyhole Sunglasses

One of the legendary leading ladies of Hollywood’s Golden Era, Bette Davis was known primarily for her courageous and arrogant characters. A talented and fierce theater and movie actress, she was also notorious for her rivalry with Joan Crawford. She became an icon by refusing to conform, and she fought many battles in the male-dominated studio system.


You can see straight away that this lady means business from behind her round movie star sunglasses — not many actresses would have dared to sport such a striking style in the 1930s.

Davis’s style is classic and often masculine, matching her strong personality and her disavowal of the harsh beauty standards imposed on Hollywood actresses. You know you’re like Davis when you won’t take any nonsense. Also, you dress as you damn well please.

MATCH: On the Up and Up Celebrity Keyhole Sunglasses


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We’ve paired Davis’s iconic glasses style with an updated version of round sunglasses with a smaller keyhole bridge and metal arms that flow naturally from the brow line. They come in three color options and are most flattering on narrow to medium square, rectangular and diamond shaped faces.

9. Marylin Monroe – the Bold Seductress, wearing Cat-Eye Glasses

You know Marylin Monroe as the Hollywood legend, sex-symbol and tortured soul of th 1950s. She made her Hollywood name playing comedic “dumb blonde” characters, and she was the first centerfold to pose in the first issue of Playboy magazine. The ‘50s were a time when most actresses were beautiful, but Marilyn went beyond beauty to sex appeal that she made her body an asset filmmaker loved to exploit.


Her style is sensual and provocative, with her most famous outfit being that fluttering white dress blown up by the subway vent on Hollywood Boulevard. You know you’re like Marylin when you don’t mind showing a bit of skin and you revel in the attention you get for your hourglass feminine figure.

MATCH: Cat’s Meow Vintage Cat Eye Eyeglasses

Cat’s Meow Eyeglasses

See more Cat-Eye Frames

We designed our Cat’s Meow reading glasses with Monroe’s signature look in mind.

These movie star sunglasses frames have a lot of character and can transform any alley cat into a stylish kitty with sensual appeal. They come in three color options and are most flattering for petite to medium faces in a square, oblong, rectangular or diamond shape.

10. Grace Kelly – the Untouchable Princess wearing Tortoise Shell

An elegant and reserved Hollywood actress, Grace became known as the ice princess with an enigmatic character that showed breeding, quality and class. She was known as Alfred Hitchcock’s celebrity muse, starring in three of his films. She eventually married the Prince of Monaco and became a real-life princess on top of being a venerated Hollywood actress.


Her refined style and unassuming beauty conquered the heart of audiences all over the world. She is also famous for popularizing Dior’s figure-flattering dresses while also adopting this elegant silhouette for her other looks. You know you’re like Grace Kelly when you wear pearls to lunch.

MATCH: The Darby Classic Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

The Darby Sunglasses

The eternally classic cat-eye returns in our vintage-inspired tortoise version. These movie star frames are classy, and they stick to the rules with no unnecessary embellishments — just like Kelly’s signature Hollywood look. The clarity of the design is sure to impress even the pickiest fashionistas, and they are most flattering for wide oval, square, diamond and heart shaped faces.

So which vintage celebrity glasses suit your signature style? Let us know in the comments below!

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